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Source of Health
Address: 9755 N 90th St Suite A110
Scottsdale, AZ
Source of Health is redefining healthcare for modern life. Unifying the fields of functional and regenerative medicine, Source of Health helps people look, feel, and live better than ever before. Stimulating the body to heal itself, regenerative medicine tackles orthopedic conditions such as sports injuries, degenerative diseases such as arthritis, and drug-free pain management options like cupping therapy. Functional Medicine excels at discovering and treating root causes of disease through diagnostic labs and spending time with the doctors. Regenerative aesthetics seeks to reverse the aging process from sun damage and other skin conditions so people can shine bright and see how amazing healthy feels – from laser resurfacing, micro-needling, botox and fillers to skin care and professional-grade products, clear and brilliant skin care is perfect for all ages.
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Business Phone Number: 480-361-4005
Business Fax: 480-361-4886
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