Electronic Caregiver

Electronic Caregiver
Name: Electronic Caregiver
Electronic Caregiver is a “24/7 virtual care and health technology company”. We specialize primarily in residetial solutions to manage health care protocols, rehabilitation, mental health support and virtual assistant tasks. We have ECG Premier which is our mobile health management and emergency response system. We have ECG ProHealth which is a home based smart health hub that monitors vitals and key health metrics, and is now reimbursed by Medicare for Advanced Remote Patient Monitoring. We have Addison Care a Virtual Caregiver and Virtual Assistant. Addison is a comprehensive, 3D, voice based, connected home health assistant. She encourages pa]ents to follow through on health care adherence tasks such as medications, vitals, rehabilitation, mental health routines and a variety of assessments.
Business Phone Number: 480-227-7591
Business Fax: 480-227-7591
Contact Email: support@ecg-hq.com
Business Address: 16601 N 40th St.
Phoenix, AZ
ZIP Code: 85032