Name: DrivingMBA
DrivingMBA is a one-of-a kind driver tutoring facility offering a unique combination of simulation labs, on-road and classroom instruction. DrivingMBA has two separate simulation labs utilizing two different simulators. The National Advanced Driving Simulator (NADS) group of the University of Iowa developed the driving fundamentals simulator used to teach novice drivers with little to no driving experience how to drive. Students of all ages experience driving and learn the basics of hand and foot control, steering control and vehicle control to making turns, interacting with traffic, pedestrians, and rail and more. Students not only learn the rules of the road in this lab, they are also applying them as they drive in the various simulated worlds. In the defensive driving lab we use the L3 Patrol Sim to teach students, whether seasoned drivers or novice drivers, how to become more defensive and strategic in their driving. They are able to experience the worse types of driving situations in this lab. They experience a head on collision, skidding with quick weather changes, tire blow outs, pedestrians coming out of nowhere and much more. They learn how quickly things can go awry and how dangerous driving distracted can be. They learn to avoid becoming part of the problem. DrivingMBA also caters to students with learning challenges such as ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, Autism Spectrum Disorder. The simulation labs offer the opportunity to experiment with driving and determine if it is a possibility and what strategies are necessary to be successful. We also offer Senior Driving Assessments, where we are able to put older drivers in many different situations and determine if they are still safe on the road.
Website Address: https://drivingmba.com/
Business Phone Number: 480-948-1648
Business Fax: 480-563-8330
Business Address: 9089 E. Bahia Dr., Suite 102
Scottsdale, AZ
ZIP Code: 85260